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Why You Need an Owner’s and Loan Insurance Policy

Buying a home is an exciting time. You search hard to find the perfect home that meets all of your expectations. When you finally find the right place that’s perfect for your family, you’re completely relieved and elated. You can also feel a little bit overwhelmed with the process, especially with all of the terms that arise along the way.

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Is Title Insurance Necessary When Refinancing?

There are plenty of reasons homeowners may choose to refinance. Perhaps you’re looking for a lower interest rate on your home. Or, perhaps refinancing your home is your chance to take on a remodeling project and invest in your property. Whatever your reasons for refinancing, the process can in many ways be just as involved as your original home purchase. One of the most common questions homeowners face when refinancing is whether title insurance is necessary.

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The History of Title Insurance

If you’re in the process of buying a home or selling one, you know the importance of title abstracting and title insurance. Title abstracting makes sure the title of your property is free and clear so you can purchase your property legally, and title insurance protects you from title problems. But you might be wondering where title insurance originated and how long it’s been around.

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How Tax Liens Can Affect a Title

Finding the right home for your family or for an investment can be a difficult process. Once you’ve found a property that checks off everything on your list, you hope everything goes off without a hitch, but that’s not always the case. If the title abstract search comes back with a tax lien on the property, you may worry that this means you need to move on and find a new home to buy. But that’s not always the case.

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Your Guide to Marketable Titles Vs. Unmarketable Titles

If you’ve finally found your dream home, congratulations are in order. Home ownership is an exciting time whether it’s your first home or simply your latest investment. If you’re beginning the steps toward closing on your home, you may have heard your real estate agent use the term “marketable” or “unmarketable” title.

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What is a Payoff Authorization?

Whether you’re selling your home, refinancing, or purchasing your second home, the process can be incredibly exciting and a little confusing. Anything to do with the transfer of ownership on a property or the financing of a home can involve so much paperwork you end up with writer’s cramp. One of the most common terms you’ll hear during this process is the term “payoff authorization.”

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What is a Mechanic’s Lien and How Can it Affect My Sale?

Our title insurance company experts at Liberty Title discuss how a title is affected by liens. We talk about what a mechanic’s lien is and how it can end up causing problems for your sale or purchase of a home or property.

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What are the Two Types of Title Insurance?

The title insurance company experts at Liberty Title share what we know about title insurance. We explain the two types of title insurance and discuss how they can help protect you when you’re buying a new home or property in Minnesota.

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How a Judgment Can Affect a Title

The title insurance company experts at Liberty Title talk about past judgments and the title of your property. We discuss some of the issues that can arise during closing relating to a past judgment on a property and how we can help you to avoid pitfalls from these judgments.

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Do I Need Title Insurance for a New Construction Home?

Our Minnesota title insurance company experts at Liberty Title break down how title insurance works with a new construction home. We talk about how new construction home sales are different and whether you’ll still need title insurance when you purchase yours.

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