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The Most Common Types of Real Estate Fraud to Look Out For

Our experts in residential and commercial titles at Liberty Title talk about real estate fraud. We discuss some of the most common types of real estate fraud and how you can avoid it with title insurance from our title experts.

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What Happens When A Missing Heir Shows Up?

The title experts at Liberty Title talk about missing heirs and how they can affect a home’s title. We discuss what happens when a missing heir arises and how title insurance can protect you in such a scenario.

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Top Title Insurance Myths

The title insurance company professionals at Liberty Title discuss some of the most common title insurance myths. We dispel these myths and talk about how title insurance works to protect buyers and sellers.

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How Public Record Errors Can Cause Home Buyers Grief

The title insurance experts at Liberty Title discuss some of the public record errors that can come up during your home buying process. We talk about how our Twin Cities title experts can help make your closing as painless as possible.

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What Are the Most Common Title Problems

Whether you are a proud, new homeowner purchasing your first-ever family home, or an investor, you want the process to go smoothly. However, the history of a home can be complicated. When unexpected problems arise with the title, Liberty Title can help. We use our expertise in title search, title insurance, and title escrow to help protect your investment. Read on to learn about the most common title problems and how we can help you when they arise.

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How Title Insurance Protects Your Investment

Whether you are buying a home for your family or as a financial investment, you need to make certain your investment is protected. Title insurance protects you against problems that may arise from the recorded or unrecorded documents of a property. At Liberty Title, we specialize in providing protection so your investment is completely safe against title issues. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand how title insurance safeguards your investment.

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What Does My Title Insurance Policy Cover?

When you’re buying a home or other property, you want to ensure everything goes smoothly, from bidding to the last signature in the closing process. At Liberty Title, our expertise in title insurance safeguards you against unforeseen title problems that may arise.

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