There are few things quite as rewarding as finding the right buyer when you’ve had your home on the market a while. Finding a buyer means you can finally move forward with what’s next for you, whether that’s enjoying your new home or focusing on the next investment. For sellers who haven’t had a lot of experience with property sales, however, the process can seem a bit daunting without a strong team of pros behind you.


At Liberty Title in Minnesota, we work with buyers and sellers every day to help the title closing process go smoothly. When you’re selling your home or property, here are a few of the most important documents and forms you can expect to encounter.


1.      Title Commitment

The title commitment is prepared by the title abstract agent. He or she will search through public records to gather all information related to your home’s title. Their job is to make sure there are no existing liens or problems with the title and clear these up so you can move forward with yourself. Your title commitment is usually a binder filled with the entire history of your property.


2.      Payoff Authorization

A payoff authorization is a request to pay off your mortgage. Our title company professionals will obtain the information related to your mortgage and any other loans including your lender’s name and mortgage account number. The payoff authorization is your written consent to obtain payoff statements from your lenders. If the mortgage is paid in full, your lender will then issue a Satisfactions/Release of Mortgage.


3.      Closing Questionnaire

The closing questionnaire helps us gather information for the sale of your property or home. Expect to answer simple questions about your marital status, property, and mortgage. We’ll also ask if you have any known liens or judgments against your property. You’ll also need to list any bankruptcy information. Be sure to answer these questions to the best of your ability.


Minnesota Title Closing Professionals

Selling your home is too important to handle without the best title closing team behind you. At Liberty Title in Minnesota, we’ll sit down with you and take our time to make sure you understand every step of the process.


From residential real estate to short sale expertise, we’ve got experience handling all kinds of sales and want to make it painless for you and your buyer. Call us to find out more about your closing at 763.494.0340, or contact us online.