If you’re a professional working in the real estate industry, you take pride in being the best at what you do. Part of working at the top of your field means taking the time to grow as a professional. At Liberty Title, we offer a wide range of classes and professional development courses to help you polish your professional skills and expand your knowledge on all things real estate. Read on to learn more about what you can learn from our many real estate training opportunities to keep yourself competitive in the industry.


Title Training

As real estate title insurance professionals, we offer classes on “How to Read a Title Commitment,” “Why Buy Title Insurance,” and many more. These classes are offered to assist in the understanding of the complexities of title insurance. The classes are presented by our own title insurance experts and are designed to teach realtors/lenders about the ins and outs of the title commitment and how title insurance protects the homeowner.


Real Estate Business Savvy

When it comes to the business side of real estate, we’ve got you covered. We offer training on branding yourself so that buyers can see what sets you apart from other agents working in the industry. “Social Media Marketing Strategies” helps you navigate the murky waters of social media to help you take advantage of this fundamental business tool.


Our course on “Cybercrime” helps you protect yourself and your clients, while “LLC in Real Estate” helps you determine whether you should form an LLC. “Understanding and Growing Your Sphere” helps you expand your circle of influence. We also offer courses like “Value-Based Goal Setting” that help you develop your business strategy.


The Art of the Deal

We offer a wide range of professional training classes to help your negotiations and contracts run smoothly. Our “Arbitration” course focuses on dispute resolution, while “Closing Your Deal” gives you the tools to make closing go as smoothly as possible. “5 Life Challenges and Real Estate” training helps you assist your clients in navigating some tricky circumstances which may arise during the real estate process. We also offer training in trusts, wills, and deeds. Other previous hot topics have included the following:


●        QuickBooks

●        Mock Closings

●        Open House

●        FIRPTA

●        QR Codes

●        Tax Preparation



Twin Cities Real Estate and Title Insurance Training

At Liberty Title, helping you and your clients through a smooth and worry-free closing process is our area of expertise. If you are interested in developing and presenting a course not currently offered, let us know. We take pride in helping Minnesota agents become the best at what they do.