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At Liberty Title we are not only invested in the well-being of our clients, the buyers but real estate agents and loan officers as well. We offer a variety of education opportunities for agents to become even better at what they do and better understand what we do.

*All educational offerings provided are not CE accredited.

Here are some of the trainings and classes we offer:

Building a Better Business

"A Champion needs motivation above and beyond winning" Pat Riley. All of us need to know, really know what it is we are working for and toward. When we set goals with both passion and purpose we become champions of success. Money flows out of a business with a purpose. Learn how to become your own champion and not only make money but love what you do.

When we start this business, everyone tells you to start with your sphere reach out there first. How do you do that and feel both good about it and grow that circle of influence? We will learn first who and what are our best sphere people, where to start and how to expand it in a way that stays true to who you are and where you want to go. Let your sphere help you build your success and achieve your goals.

We all know social media is the market of the future but how to we best tap into that effectively and in a way, we can consistently follow through on? We will discuss ways to build your strategies, platforms and an effective yearlong plan to roll it out. New ideas and options for marketing opportunities are introduced.

What as an agent, make you the one people should choose? How can you communicate your unique ability to market homes and add value to your clients? Learn how to break down your marketing plan in to a unique value add proposition and branding tool that sets you apart from the pack.

This course was developed by Attorney Jeff Zweifel to offer information regarding the dispute resolution options available in residential real estate transactions.

Two minutes of your time on the front end can save you hours of headaches on the back end. Learn how to recognize potential issues that may prevent or delay your closing and follow the closing process from start to finish.

An alternative to traditional financing, this class will encompass all aspects of the Contract for Deed process. It will cover the legal perspective, the mechanics and your role as an agent. It will also cover items not in the addendum; such as in-depth financing, down payments and commissions.

While forming an LLC is typically a very simple process, the decision whether to form an LLC or another entity is not. Attorney Jeff Zweifel has designed a training seminar to help you learn more about LLC’s.

This class discusses non-standard property transfer situations that commonly arise in Real Estate transactions such as when there is a Probate, Trust, Power of Attorney, Transfer of Death Deed, and Conservatorship.

This course will discuss what an Agent needs to know about how; divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, judgments and liens can affect a real estate transaction. Be prepared to assist your clients when challenging life circumstances affect their real estate transaction.

It seems like every week there is a new story about the next company that has been “hacked.” This does not just happen to the large corporations; small and mid-sized companies are not immune. We are all on the same team when it comes to preventing cyber-crime. Recognizing the threat and implementing a few simple cyber crime prevention policies can go a long way toward protecting our customers and businesses.

We all know it is a good practice to encourage your client to buy an Owner’s Title Policy but what does this important policy cover? This presentation will highlight several scenarios and how an Owner's Title Policy would protect your client's’ investment.

Two minutes of your time on the front end can save you hours of headaches on the back end. Learn how to quickly read title commitments and recognize potential issues that may prevent or delay your closing.

Let us know a topic you would like us to develop and present. Past topics include: QuickBooks, Tax Preparation, the importance of an Open House, QR Codes, Mock Closings, FIRPTA Overview.

FIRPTA has been part of the Purchase Agreement since 2015 yet is not commonly understood. This class will go over what FIRPTA is and why we are talking about it now. We will cover what Agents need to know representing sellers or buyers.

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