Why Us

Liberty Title is an independent, non-affiliated title company, and the largest of its kind in Minnesota. You’ll see the difference when your clients choose us for their closing. Our teams are focused on working together to the benefit of our clients, which means they aren’t preoccupied with competition or commission. When the title company isn’t focused on client fees, it’s likely you’ll see how focused they are on the closing. And a good experience from start to finish reflects well on the real estate agent or loan officer.

The journey of home shopping for a buyer is one full of ups and downs, maybe even some disappointment. From the time their offer is finally accepted until closing, it’s in our hands. And when all parties arrive at the closing table, it’s likely everyone wants the same thing: for everything to go smoothly. Often buyers might not know how much work the title company is doing between signing the purchase agreement and signing all the closing documents. A lot of work that in the end makes the purchase possible. It can also make a mess!

A buyer does not have to use the title company recommended by their agent. But if you recommend us to your clients, they are sure to find we are the best fit for their values and budget.

Liberty Title is a client-focused and affordable title company that is here to serve you! You can trust that the work we do in preparation for your client’s closing is quality. It helps that our staff is knowledgeable. Our closers have an average of 15 years or more of experience! We work to assure your client’s property has a title that is clear for transfer and sale, and that closing day goes off without a hitch.

When it comes to sitting at the closing table, you will want to be certain that the title company did everything they could in the process and did so well. That way the transaction can be completed and your client can move forward with peace of mind!

Upon arriving at one of Liberty Title’s Twin Cities offices, you will likely be greeted by the closer and offered coffee, water or tea. You may even notice the sweet aroma of fresh baked cookies, which you can enjoy while we complete the closing. That’s the Liberty way. A closing should be a pleasant and exciting experience. You will rest assured that we are always doing all we can to give our clients a quality experience and service.

Time after time, Liberty Title has done just that for buyers all over the Twin Cities metro. As our name may suggest, we believe in freedom, strength and patriotism. And after all, isn’t buying a home the American dream?

So contact us today to get your client’s closing on our schedule, and to begin a relationship with closers and a title company you can trust.

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