Our Locations

Blaine office (BL)
21st Century Bank/Keller Williams Building
12301 Central Ave. NE, Suite 203
Blaine, MN 55434


Our Blaine office is located in Suite 203 in the 21st Century Bank/Keller Williams Building. This is east of Highway 65 and south of 125th Avenue NE. Despite the Central Avenue address, our office is 3 blocks south of 125th Avenue NE on Aberdeen Avenue. The office building can be seen from Highway 65.

We are in-house at locations such as this, even though we are a non-affiliated, independent title company so that we can provide added convenience for our clients. In our Blaine office. you’ll work with our friendly and dedicated staff of closers, processors, examiners, and administrators. And they’ll work to ensure a hassle-free close. With a purchase like real property, of course, agents, buyers, and sellers want to work with a team that’s invested in the success of all involved. And that’s something you can count on with a closing at Liberty Title’s Blaine office.

Whether you’re buying your first home or your third, selling to move up or just to move out, or an agent helping a client with their real estate transaction, the selected title company plays a big role in everything going off without a hitch. Entrusting a property’s title search, closing, and title insurance to a title company requires a lot of certainty about their character and culture. The surest way to secure a properly executed title search and a closing transaction is to work with a title company with a trustworthy reputation, like Liberty Title.

You can rely on our expertise and our extensive experience in our industry, including over 40 years of combined real estate law experience. On top of that, it’s a part of our company culture to be team and family focused. Liberty closers are not driven by competition and commissions, rather together they work as a team to focus on the client, enjoying a work-life balance that allows them to do their best.

Our reliability and standard to which we work comes from our experience and is backed by reputation. Schedule your closing at one of our Blaine offices with Liberty Title today! To schedule at the 21st Century Bank/Keller Williams location in Blaine, call our main office at 763-494-0340. If you’re looking for handicap accessibility, please let the operator know.

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